Welcome to the Modern Languages Program!

Prepare to travel the world!

Come visit us in Cauthen Educational Media Center, Suite 113. Watch us teaching in our classrooms. Visit us during our office hours and discuss Medieval German literature, the impact of 9/11 on French Literature, Border Literature, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Spanish Graphic Novels, Spanish Comic Books, or Medieval Iberia. Come by to discuss why learning a second language is so beneficial for your life and career.

So, what can one do with a major in a Modern Language?  Many things!  The first, and most obvious possibilities are to become a translator or an interpreter.  And, although Francis Marion University does not currently offer a teaching certificate for foreign language, you can become a foreign language teacher using the PACE program.  Next, you could work in Intelligence – this means something like the FBI or the CIA. Or if you don’t want to work for the Federal Government, you could work for Law Enforcement. You could work in Banking, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Consulting… really, anything in the Business end of things will find a degree in Modern Languages useful!

The faculty of Modern Languages goes above and beyond the classroom to make its students well-rounded university citizens and to help them gain an appreciation of the world. We offer a French table to University students and faculty to meet and speak French.  We have our own chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the Hispanic National Honor Society.  And we have the Tertulia, a Spanish table that meets twice a month at the Grille for all interested University students, staff, and faculty who would like to meet and speak Spanish.  We also advocate Study Abroad experience for as many students as possible.

Currently, the South Carolina Modern Language Review, a refereed, on-line journal, is run out of the English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy Department at Francis Marion University. It was created in 2001 by Dr. Elizabeth A. Zahnd and Dr. Stan Bergstrom. It is currently being updated and modernized by Dr. Kristin A. Kiely, Spanish, and Dr. Amy Lea Clemons, English.


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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Maria Sierra Rico

    I’m a high school graduate and I’m interested in applying to Francis Marion, I wanted to major I’m being a French teacher do y’all offer that major in Francis Marion.


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